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I'm passionate about dance education and its immense benefits for all. I have taught and led workshops alongside my training at the University of Campinas and as a contemporary/ ballet tutor since completing my postgraduate diploma from London Contemporary Dance School. 


I have extensive experience choreographing children for annual dance shows and found it very rewarding, drawing on my own RAD ballet training and Capoeira lessons as a young child. I believe in the accessibility of dance in a regular educational setting and its benefits in engendering awareness and focus, creativity and confidence, nurturing not only the artists of the future but also rounded individuals in all walks of life.


I see my approach as a vehicle to permit and celebrate movement as opposed to a single, imposed methodology. I place equal emphasis on encouraging each student to discover and explore their unique way of expressing themselves as on the introduction and refinement of technique. My classes are challenging but carefully tailored to students' individual needs and time, respecting their age, the pace of learning and experience.


Alongside teaching and facilitating workshops, I work as rehearsal director/ assistant for other independent artists. I often offer my support to fellow artists, observing their rehearsals and R&D's, giving feedback to dancers and to the choreographer.I help to give clarity to movement materials and offer an extra pair of eyes and presence in rehearsals. In May 2017 and Nov 2015 I worked closely with Riccardo Buscarini on his latest piece No Lander.





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