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I have choreographed in a range of settings including theatres, short dance films, site-specific works and dance school productions. My piece Cameo, co- created and performed alongside Riccardo Buscarini and Antonio de la Fe, was commissioned by Bloomberg and a finalist for The Place Prize for Dance 2011. My solo 27 Dragonflies was performed at the Robin Howard Theatre and at the Agony Arts Festival in 2013.


I was commissioned by Alive Dance Company to create Turn Upside Down and Walk on the Sky with a cast of 17 dance inspired and passionate adults. I am also a founding member of anthologyofamess; a collective rooted in improvised engagement and SOLAB - A platform for dances, workshops and projects in collaboration with dance artist Petra Soor.


My interest in choreography and performance began as a dance student and spectator fascinated by its kinesthetic resonance and ephemerality. My approach is collaborative and informed by physical and sensorial experiences, background, imagination. In the process of researching and making, I often use improvisation as a way of open up a range of possibilities within a body moving in time and space. Whilst devising, I search for human connections, potential materials that are being inhabited or that can create e.g. environments, textures. I'm especially attentive to materials that vibrate and urge to speak out, vulnerable, instinctive, emotional and almost chaotic. I'm equally concerned with precision and refinement on clear composed structures.


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